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Name Description
z_bodya/yii-chosen Anouther chosen extension, provides easy to use InputWidget
z_bodya/yii-coordinatepicker Widget to pick coordinates using google map in modal window
z_bodya/yii-datetimepicker Datetime picker input widget
z_bodya/yii-elfinder Extension to use elFinder 1.x file manager in yii application
z_bodya/yii-fileimagearbehavior Allows to attach file(s) / image(s) with multiple formats to a CActiveRecord
z_bodya/yii-gallery-manager Extension for yii, that allows to manage image galleries
z_bodya/yii-image Port of Kohana Image Library to Yii
z_bodya/yii-image-attachment Extension for yii, to handle images related to CActiveRecord
z_bodya/yii-tinymce Extension to use TinyMce with Compressor, SpellChecker and FileManager
z-e-e/exceptions Set of the base exceptions
z-ee/chain-of-responsibility An implementation of the Chain of Responsibility
z-ee/commands Command Handling
z-ee/date-range Date range implementation
z-ee/exceptions Set of the base exceptions
z-ee/messaging Messaging
z-rosenthal/slim-plus A Slim Framework skeleton application for rapid development
z/math-executor Simple math expressions calculator - extension of
z010107/yii2-curl-ext Easy and nice cURL extension with RESTful support for Yii2
z0y/alipay 支付宝phpSDK
z0y/hello-world hello-world
z0y/huanxin tp5环信即时通信
z0y/juhe 聚合接口、短信API
z0y/zmxy 芝麻信用服务端开发类
z0y/zy-helper php基础类
z1076/utility Utility Tools
z1ffy/htmlgen A lightweight DSL for HTML generation in PHP.
z1ffy/z1phpcore Simple MVC PHP Framework.
z1haze/laravel-acl A simple to use ACL for Laravel 5.3
z1lab/laravel-json-api A minimal library for normalize Laravel app to return Json Api results.
z1lab/laravel-meta-tags A package to manage Header Meta Tags in Laravel projects
z1lab/laravel-passport Laravel Passport provides OpenID Connect server support to Laravel.
z1lab/laravel-vue-form A PHP package for generate VueJS forms.
z1lab/openid-client Z1lab OpenID Client is a package developed for connect Z1lab's Laravel projects to our Oauth2 Server.
z1lv1n4s/php-avro Avro mapper for php
z3/t3build This package supports you for being an typo3 develop and build environment supporting gitlab
z3/t3build-node This package adds node support to t3-build
z3/t3build-typo3 This package supports you for being an typo3 develop and build environment supporting gitlab
z38/dynamicdns Dynamic DNS update client and library
z38/ibantool Wrapper for the SIX IBAN-Tool
z38/metzli PHP library to generate Aztec barcodes
z38/murmurhash Murmur3F implementation for PHP
z38/pc-axis PHP library to read PC-Axis (PX) files
z38/rapid-connect-bundle Authenticate your users using AAF Rapid Connect.
z38/swiss-payment PHP library to generate Swiss pain.001 messages (complies with ISO-20022)
z4net/pattern-generator This package generate repository, service pattern with Laravel 5
z5internet/ruf User framework
z5internet/ruf_oauth OAuth for RUF
z5internet/ruf-tag React tag
z61/lol-api Wrapper for League of Legends API
z61/twitter-laravel5 Adds a Laravel 5 service provider to abraham/twitteroauth.
z7/hydra The cozy RESTfull PHP5.3 micro-framework.
z720/pico_oembed oEmbed Pico Plugin
z720/pico_scheduled_post Post/Page scheduling in PicoCMS
z7zmey/rvalidate Recursive array validator
z7zmey/slim-found-handler Slim 3 found handler
za_querybuilder/querybuilder1.0 build queries
za-ek/zaek za-ek framework
za-ek/zaek-mysqli Mysqli data connector for za-ek framework
za-laravel/laravel-admin Base admin package for Laravel 5
za-laravel/laravel-gallery Gallery admin package for Laravel 5
za-laravel/laravel-navigation Simple navigation for Laravel 5
za-laravel/laravel-payeer Laravel package for payeer payments
za-laravel/laravel-static-pages Static pages admin package for Laravel 5
za-laravel/laravel-user User functionality package for Laravel 5
za-web/l5-app Base l5 application for ZaWeb laravel projects.
za-web/octo-gallery Gallery plugin for OctoberCMS
za-web/octo-portfolio Portfolio plugin for OctoberCMS
zaabr/yii2-pages Creating, editing and managing publications on the site.
zaachi/php-instagram-effects PHP class for photo effects like Instagram
zaalbarxx/flash Flash Messages for Laravel 4
zaartix/oauth2-vkontakte Vkontakte provider for league/oauth2-client
zab/zab Official SDK for the Zab CMS
zabaala/bootstrapme Put your Laravel 5 in action and allow that him use the Bootstrap to make form-groups
zabaala/laravel_precommit A git pre-commit hook to Laravel apps.
zabaala/moip Permita que sua aplicação Laravel se integre com o servico de pagamento recorrente do Moip (Moip Assinaturas)
zabaala/moip-assinaturas Moip SDK para integração com o serviço de assinaturas do Moip
zabaala/phonenumber Simply retrieve phone number informations by extracting them from the PHP version of Google handling library
zabachok/yii2-adminlte yii2-adminlte is a package for yii framework 2 that consists a very popular backend template AdminLTE (based on bootstrap 3).
zabachok/yii2-burivuh Simple notepad with markdown editor for yii2
zabachok/yii2-data-provider Data provider for yii2
zabachok/yii2-file-log-reader A module for reading the log files
zabachok/yii2-htmlcompressor Smart HTML compressor
zabachok/yii2-hydra Useful file manager for yii2
zabachok/yii2-onion-url Url rule class to make github-like urls.
zabachok/yii2-pluto Shell class collection to develop layered applications
zabachok/yii2-sluggable-behavior Поведение для транслитерации кирилицы в латиницу.
zabachok/yii2-vega Simple task tracker
zabanya/laraimp CoinImp integration for Laravel
zabanya/laravel5-magento A simple Magento Integration using SOAP v1 and v2. Forked from michaelkmartin/laravel5-magento
zablik/oauth2-vkontakte Vkontakte provider for league/oauth2-client
zablose/allog Log all requests to the database.
zablose/captcha Captcha for PHP ~7.1
zablose/navbar Navbar - Build an HTML from the navigation entities, stored in a database.
zablose/rap RaP - Roles and Permissions
zabolots/laravel-chat Add online chat with your visitors to Laravel website
zabolots/laravel-cpa-promo Promo feeder for CPA
zabornyi/package_test test composer package